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The images are basic - I do it for pleasure - there are many sites which deal with astronomy and imaging very comprehensively. I did most of my imaging from my observatory located in the backyard of a suburb in the city of Adelaide, Australia and my interest is CCD imaging of deep space objects; nebulae, globular star clusters and galaxies. I was a member of and Editor for the Astronomical Society of South Australia which has an observatory site at Stockport, about one and a half hour's drive from the City.

The images you see are around 20KB JPGs for quick downloads. I image in one-shot colour using TIF format. The telescope was in alt/az mounting and computer controlled for all the images on display. Due to alt/az mounting, each exposure was limited to around 20-25 seconds maximum to avoid rotation and I usually took around 120-150 images of an object. These were sorted and stacked later when around 20-30 images of a batch were discarded. For sorting, I use IrfranView Thumbnails, and for stacking/processing, AIP4WIN.

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